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Our Ethos

Our Sustainable Mission

Sustainability is a journey, and we are just getting started. We are dedicated to educating our community so that one day sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, but the norm.

Here we want to give you an insight into our ethos, which runs through every aspect of our business, from our sourcing to our marketing.


Everything we do, we do with the planet in mind.

Every garment made has an impact on this planet, so we are responsible to minimise, control and reduce those impacts across our whole supply chain.


Our products are designed for life, not just a season. We will only produce small runs of versatile, durable pieces that can last a lifetime.

We will first try and use recycled materials. Should this not be possible we will work with responsibly sourced natural fibres, ensuring anything we pick is easily recyclable.

When our products reach the end of their lifespan, we take responsibility for recycling them back into the system. Nothing should end up in landfill.


We make sure that everyone we work with is treated with the respect they deserve.

We work with certified materials and audited factories, and will always strive for better opportunities for all of our team.


We want to offer sustainable wardrobe solutions at the most affordable price that we can make them, whilst ensuring everything is priced fairly.

If we price fairly, there will be no need to discount. That’s why we will never run sales. We believe to discount or mark down would disrespect those who created our products.


We have a series of policies in place to make sure that our sustainability standards are consistent across our supply chain. We will always stand by them, and will never compromise. Click here to read our Code of Conduct.