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Our Positive Impact

We’ve Been Doing Our Maths

By creating from waste materials instead of using virgin fibres we have already made big savings and with each new collection our positive impact grows. 


plastic bottles diverted from landfill


litres of oil saved by using recycled materials


litres of water saved by using recycled materials

How Do We Measure This?

As well as doing our maths, we also want to show our working out. 

By working on a considered scale with trusted partners, we know exactly how much fabric we consume in each collection. When you know this, the rest is easy.

For example, our Collection 07 Recycled Cotton T-shirt is made from Recot² yarn, which is a blend of 25% recycled cotton (from cotton waste) and 75% organic cotton.

This state of the art production process saves 5,000 litres of water for every kilogram of recot² yarn produced, compared to virgin cotton.

In Collection 07, we’ve used 190kg of Recot² yarn to make our Recycled Cotton T-shirts, which means a total saving of 950,000 litres of water - or 950 litres per T-shirt.