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5 Minutes With: CanO Water

by Riley Studio |

We chatted to the CanO Water team about their mission and the story behind the brand. Created in response to the damaging effect of plastic bottles, CanO Water sells both still and sparking water in recycled aluminium cans, that can also be infinitely recycled. And for all those times when you can use a reusable bottle, they also sell those! 

RS: Can you tell us a bit about the story behind CanO Water and what drove you to launch it? 

COW: It was back in 2014 when the realities of plastic and its negative impact on the environment really hit home for us. Seeing plastic bottles strewn across beaches in Thailand was the catalyst that got us thinking about environmentally friendly alternatives. After thorough research on aluminium cans and their benefits going forward and creating the brand was a no brainer!

RS: Can you explain the benefits of using aluminium? 

COW: It is 100% recyclable. Aluminum cans are the most recycled and recyclable drinks container on the planet, they have the highest recycling rate and highest recycled content over any other packaging. Better yet, cans are infinitely recyclable as they never lose their quality meaning they can be recycled over and over again without ever being downgraded.

RS: What are your top tips to lead a more sustainable life? 

COW: Surround yourself with others who also want to make positive change, this is a big motivator and will hold you accountable. The more you educate yourself on sustainability, the more you can educate people around you and feel a part of something meaningful. But, of course our number one tip would be to take your CanO flask with you wherever you go..

RS: Can you let us in on any exciting plans for the rest of the year?

COW: We’re constantly looking at ways to innovate and bring newness to the industry. There’s a lot in the pipeline but at the moment we’re keeping quiet. Watch this space.  

RS: What are your favourite Riley Studio pieces?

Probably the Co-Ord Track Pants and Jackets. They’re minimal, classic and comfortable, which are the qualities we all look for in new clothes. As we get older we’ve started to value longevity and versatility rather than buying into trends which is a much more sustainable approach to fashion.

To find out more, head to canowater.com.