5 Minutes With: Lily Simpson | Riley Studio

5 Minutes With: Lily Simpson

by Riley Studio |

We caught up with Lily Simpson, Founder of Detox Kitchen, ahead of our collaboration with them for their Spring Equitox Package. Specifically designed around the four pillars of ‘Mind’, ‘Body’, ‘Physical Environment’ and ‘Digital Environment’, their Spring Equitox is the ultimate holistic spring clean for your body.

Delivered straight to your door, the 20 day plan will
support your body’s natural detoxification processes, to help eliminate toxins, get your digestion moving, boost immunity and increase energy levels.


RS: Can you tell us what the mission of Detox Kitchen is?

LS: We are on a mission to help people see, understand and consume food in a totally new way. To us, food isn’t just food. It is a pathway to better energy levels, sharper mental clarity, improved mood, better health and wellbeing. It is the pathway to you feeling more you.


RS: How do you integrate sustainability into the business? 

Detox Kitchen was born out of a positive social desire to improve the way people eat. Some of the biggest issues we face globally - from climate change to workers’ rights and public health - stem from how and what we eat. We exist to reverse the effects that our current food system is having on our health and our environment

It’s not easy being a sustainable business, in fact it’s pretty hard to balance an increasing demand for convenience food with a responsibility to the environment. But we are truly committed to doing just that and are currently in the process of becoming a B-Corp.

We know we can always do more and will strive to make the best decisions in every area of our business, but we are really proud of the work we have done to date.

Since we launched in 2012, we have championed a plant-based diet, and 80% of the food we produce is plant-based. This is because we believe eating plants has the lowest impact on our planet. Not only are we predominantly using plants to reduce our carbon footprint, but we also believe that choosing locally sourced ingredients is just as important. We aim to source 70% of our fruit and veg in the UK and all of our meat, fish and eggs.

We also operate a <1% food waste policy at our kitchens and delis. We work with various initiatives such as Pale Green Dot to help reduce our waste and turn any leftovers into something positive.

In terms of packaging, in the food industry it is an ongoing challenge, and we are always pushing for solutions. We don’t just go with what packaging suppliers tell us, we are testing all products ourselves and researching how we can recycle and re-use them in Central London so we can help our customers make the best choices too. We are very conscious of our use of plastic and only use it where there are no other solutions - this means that we only use it where the dish has a high liquid content. We are hopeful that in the next 1-2 years there will be more plastic-free packaging options for food businesses, and we aim to be completely plastic free by 2022.


To order your Spring Equitox Meal, head to Detox Kitchen here.

RS: Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes?

I draw inspiration from everywhere. Dinner at friends. Dinner in my favourite restaurants. My local farmers market. My local veg shop. Cookbooks, new and old. Pretty much any time I eat I’m thinking about dishes for Detox Kitchen. When we come up with new dishes our product team and chefs brainstorm ideas together, it’s a fun and creative process, probably my favourite part of the job.


RS: Can you share a sustainability tip that you have integrated into your personal life?

I can’t stand wasting food, so I always keep my vegetable leftovers (think onion peel, carrot tops, herb stems) in a bowl in the fridge and then at the end of the week make a vegetable stock with them. Just pop in a pan with a bay leaf, cover with boiling water and simmer for approx. 2 hours. You can always freeze it if you don’t want to use it straight away.