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Be A Change Maker

by Riley Studio |

Our generation is responsible for the future of our planet, both individually and as a collective.

Our goal for 2021 is to be Change Makers in everything that we do and that is why #BeAChangeMaker is our focus for Collection 06.  

The slogan ‘CHANGE MAKER’ is printed across our t-shirts, with the hope to inspire our community of ‘Kind Humans’ to make a positive change for good, in order to look after the planet for future generations. 

We’re on a mission to change mindsets, and make conscious consumerism the norm and would like to encourage people to make some small changes in their own lives for the good of the planet. 

Let’s adapt to the ever changing world around us in order to preserve it. 

By making changes as businesses and to our own daily habits, however small they might be, we believe that we can help to change to the world around us.  


What we are doing to be Change Makers in the fashion industry?


We Are Gender-neutral

We design for all ages, genders and we are inclusive of all binaries. We feel that this promotes sustainability, as with one collection, we reduce the total amount we produce and the waste associated with it. This also elongates the lifetime of a product and encourages sharing and passing products down. 



We Create From Waste 

By working with a global team of eco-innovation leaders, we focus on ‘creating from waste’, utilising a range of recycled and waste materials. We believe in a circular future, where people and the planet work together at equilibrium. 

With each production method, we opt for the most sustainable option with as close to zero waste as possible, without the use of chemicals or treatments. 


Lifetime Guarantee

Using eco-innovative materials, our products are designed for life, not just a season. We will only produce small runs of versatile and durable wardrobe staples, that last a lifetime.

When our products reach the end of their lifespan, we take responsibility for recycling them back into the system. Nothing should ever end up in landfill.


With Every Product Sold We Plant 5 Trees 

In partnership with Tree Sisters, we plant 5 trees for every product you purchase. 

Female-led, TreeSisters is a non-profit organisation that plants trees across eight diverse ecosystems along the tropical belt, from the ancient cloud forest in Northeast India to the coastal mangrove forests in Madagascar. By planting trees, we hope to reduce combat C02 emissions caused by the fashion industry.


Our Carbon Footprint

We are working on a Scope 1 and 2 analysis of our carbon footprint as a business to have more granular detail but we consider everything we do across our whole supply chain, for example all our bulk production is trucked rather than flown over from Portugal, which takes a week rather than next day and we believe this is important, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We work with factories and mills that offset their carbon, some who have their own water supplies. 



It is estimated that over 180 billion poly bags are produced to store, transport and protect garments every year, with less than 15% of these recycled.* 

This didn't sit well with us so in 2020 we successfully eradicated plastic from our supply chain, instead using 100% compostable bags made from corn starch waste. They contain no toxins, use 65% less energy and generate 68% fewer greenhouse gases and the best part, can be home composted.


What does being a Change Maker Mean to the Riley Studio Team?

“For me sustainability means taking responsibility for your actions. I believe we need to adapt and have a responsible interaction with nature in order to consume more responsibly. As a mother, I have always been very conscious of the materials I use and make sure that anything I purchase is natural and sustainable to protect both my son, as well as the environment.”

-Riley Uggla, Head of Creative and Founder of Riley Studio


"Being a change maker can be time consuming and require more energy, but I want to know that I did everything I could to leave the smallest impact on the planet and educate others to do the same. I am a vegetarian, shop second hand, recycle everything I can and support small local businesses. I only use public transport / walk in everyday life. 

If everyone did the above, the world would look a lot different in ten years. Being a #ChangeMaker isn’t about changing the whole world, but about changing YOUR impact on the planet by considering sustainability in everything you do."

- Livvie Symes, Content and Customer Service at Riley Studio  - 

"To me being a change maker means questioning your own consumption of the earth's resources. Small changes really add up. Pressure on social media can make us feel like it’s an all or nothing situation, we hold each other to really high standards which can make sustainability seem intimidating. But we all have to start somewhere and if everyone begins to change their mindset as a consumer we can make a big difference."

"I would recommend supporting brands who are in line with your own sustainable ethos. My recent favourites have been Dame for Organic tampon subscriptions (they have just become a B-Crop and have great informative newsletters). I also recently started using Moonie’s reusable cotton pads and produce bags. They are another great UK based small brand, working really hard to make sustainable, well priced products.

I moved house a few weeks ago and finding furniture is another sustainable hurdle that isn’t discussed too often. I would recommend having a quick look for your favourite pieces on resell sites like eBay and gumtree. It’s surprising how often you can find the exact piece you’re looking for preloved and half the price. If you need to buy new try to invest in local crafts people, and even better if they produce using responsible sources like FSC wood.

When it comes to clothing I really believe in investing in a few good quality bits of clothing. Before buying anything I will think about whether or not I will still want to wear this piece in 5 years time. I will also only purchase a piece of clothing if I know I already own items it can be styled with, as I don’t want to feel pressured to impulse buy more clothing in order to wear it.

It’s also important to share the small changes you’re making with friends and family. Positive and accessible information shared can encourage more people to get involved. "

- Jenna Rankin, designer at Riley Studio - 

"For me, being a change maker is a mindset. It’s about your outlook, your actions and your motivation to make those changes. 

To me, being a change maker doesn’t mean being a big campaigner, or activist but rather taking responsibility for your own actions, however small they may be. It’s about focusing on your own daily life and what is feasible, rather than tackling everything which can feel really overwhelming! 

Furthermore it's about having a positive impact on the world and people around you. It's about influencing and educating your peers to make these changes feel less daunting. If you can impact one person to make one simple change, and they go and do the same, this creates a positive domino effect. That to me is the best possible version of being a change maker! You have changed someones habits, perspective and outlook for the better. "

- Olivia Dowie, CEO of Riley Studio - 


Being a change maker to me means, being mindful about any purchase, be it food, clothing or cosmetics. If I don’t think I’ll get full use out of it I would try and choose an alternative, to create as little waste as possible. For example, instead of buying a new dress to wear to a wedding once, rent one! Or if you’ve bought too much food and think it will go to waste, use the Olio App. I like to educate myself first and try and share – even if one person takes notice, it will still make a difference!

- Sarah Carroll, Trade & Operations Lead at Riley Studio - 

"Being a Change Maker, means keeping an open mind and actively seeking out accurate information to help navigate the world of sustainability without feeling disheartened by the scale of the issue at hand. 

Keeping informed is one part, but also thinking about the buying decisions we make each day, and the power that we have as individuals, so that living sustainably becomes second nature to us. 

- Lucy McMahon, E-commerce & Marketing Manager at Riley Studio -


"Changemaker means to me being an agent of change amongst friends and family, creating ripples that move outwards to have more reach. I don't think everyone needs to move mountains in sustainability, that can seem daunting and put people off trying at all. Talking to others and sharing what you know is the best way an individual can make an impact!

Some ways I do this in my everyday life are:

  • Buying organic food and products where available
  • Only buying clothes and objects that I am really going to cherish and use for many years, the 30 wear rule is a great concept!
  • Reselling or recycling clothes that I no longer wear, never putting them in landfill
  • Reducing single use plastic consumption everywhere possible, consciously choosing greener alternatives for packaging and products

- Joanna Harajda, Production Coordinator at Riley Studio - 

Here are some tips for things you can do to make a difference each day, one step at a time; 

  • Reduce your plastic use by carrying reusable cups and cutlery and bottles
  • Tidy up your area/beach/ park of litter
  • Re-use and wash masks  
  • Take waste out of the ecosystem and buy products made from recycled or repurposed materials  
  • Repair damaged items
  • Re-sell unwanted clothing

We hope to inspire change in others, and encourage individuals to play their part in the fight against climate change, over consumption and waste.

Let’s raise awareness on the importance of being sustainable, to live a low impact lifestyle, by making educated decisions that are good for you and the planet. There has never been a better time to start.  

 Educate those around you 

Help us to re-educate on environmental issues, through changes in our own behaviour. Let’s teach our parents, children, siblings and friends, both the older and younger generation to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

One of the biggest areas we can educate others on is what you can and can’t recycle, as there is a huge misconception on this subject. Recycling dirty pizza boxes for example, can shut down entire Recycling Plants. Head over to here  to see a full guide for what you should do in your local area.

Together with us, we hope you also want to make change for the better.