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International Women’s Day - Our Top 5 Eco-Warriors

by Hello Riley |

Here at Riley Studio we are very happy to be celebrating International Women’s Day and we are proud to say we are a completely female team. Riley Studio has always been focused on working together to create positive change, and we believe empowerment is the key to this. 

Whilst discussing our female inspirations within the industry, we soon realised how many influential women have inspired us and paved the way for change.  According to Rachel Howell, a leading sustainable development researcher,  “Women have higher levels of socialisation to care about others and be socially responsible, which then leads them to care about environmental problems and be willing to adopt environmental behaviours”

As a team, we lost count of the women who inspire us and it was very hard to just name a few. However, we wish everyone a Happy International Women's Day and here is the team's final 5….

1. Livia Firth - Founder of Eco-Age

Why we love Livia- 

Livia has been a prominent figurehead in sustainability and brought important topics to light. The team at Eco-Age have supported Riley Studio from the beginning and we were delighted to be awarded the Eco-Age brandmark in 2019.

2. Lucy Siegle - Environmental Reporter

Why we love Lucy- 

Lucy has always been an advocate for better and has helped many women in the environmental industry. She was also a positive influence on Riley Studio from the very beginning, kindly giving her time and advice to the team before launching.

3. Greta Thunberg- Climate change advocate 

Why we love Greta- 

Greta has been one of the most influential drivers for change in the sustainability sector and this was all at age 15. Greta successfully carried out strikes until the government took climate action and has been a trail blazer ever since. We love how Greta has inspired the future generations and is helping educate younger activists, showing that it’s never too young to be a changemaker. 

4. Orsola de Castro - Fashion Revolution

Why we love Orsola - 

Orsola has been a key figurehead in calling for change within the fashion industry. She founded Fashion Revolution in 2013  and has consistently worked at calling out the injustices in supply chains. Their work inspired us to champion transparency in our own supply chain. As a result we state the name of every supplier on every product page for all to see and pride ourselves on our traceability. 


5. Ellen MacArthur- Founder of Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Circularity Advocate

Why we love Ellen- 

Ellen is an important change maker within sustainability and has worked relentlessly to increase circularity across every industry. Ellen has put time into educating others and raising awareness for pressing environmental issues.  At Riley Studio, we are on a mission to create a circular fashion future and Ellen has been pivotal in this way of thinking.