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Components & Packaging

Sourcing sustainable components has been incredibly hard but we are determined, and we will continue looking for alternatives when we need to use them. Our packaging is made from recycled sources, but we are continuously challenging ourselves to see how we can improve it even more.


The zips we now use are YKK NATULON®, which are made from materials such as PET bottles.


Any paper or card that we use for out mailing boxes or marketing material is made from recycled sources, and can be easily recycled. We have minimised the contents in our mailing boxes, but we still use recycled tissue paper to protect the products. Our tissue paper is acid free and made from 99% recycled pulp fibres, and approximately 35% of the electricity used to make it comes from renewable resources.


Our care labels are made from raw, un-dyed cotton and our neck labels are crafted from 100% recycled polyester.



Our buttons are either made from Bio Acetate (made from Tracable FSC wood) which makes them biodegradable; or they are made from Milk Casein which is waste milk protein that creates a look similar to that of horn.



The padding we use is HEATLOCK by Imbotex. It is made from 100% post consumer polyester (80% heatlock recycled polyester, 20% low melt recycled polyester staple fibre). There are 5 recycled bottles per linear meter. It is also a thermal efficient fibre so it is light and warmer.