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Would you believe us if we told you that our one of our fabrics was made from discarded fishing nets?

Our oceans are suffocating from plastic pollution and on average there are over 640,000 tons of discarded nylon fishing nets that sit beneath the ocean’s surface, creating a fatal environment for our marine wildlife.

Whilst we can’t solve this problem alone, after we started using ECONYL® yarn in some of our products, we became part of the solution.

What is ECONYL® Yarn?

ECONYL® yarn is a form of regenerated nylon, developed by Aquafil in Italy. It is made from post consumer waste such as abandoned fishing nets and carpet flooring, as well as pre consumer waste such as fabric scraps, yarn discards and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans across the world. It is transformed into a yarn that is infinitely recyclable and carries the exact same properties as virgin nylon.

Via Aquafil

How is it made?

Because the task of collecting all of this waste is incredibly large, it is made possible through a range of incredible initiatives and partnerships, including: The ECONYL® Reclaiming Programme, Healthy Seas - who use volunteer divers to recover ghost nets, and Net-Works - a social initiative that empowers coastal communities to collect and sell discarded fishing nets.

Once all of the waste is rescued, it is sent to a plant in Slovenia, where it is sorted and cleaned in order to recover as much of the usable nylon as possible, before being shredded and transported to the regeneration plant.

The nylon goes through a chemical depolymerisation process, which regenerates it back to its original purity. This allows ECONYL® regenerated nylon to have exactly the same properties as virgin nylon. The regeneration system focuses on 6 steps that form a closed loop, using less water and resources than traditional nylon. According to Aquafil, it is estimated that this process reduces the global impact of nylon by up to 80%, compared with nylon made from oil.

Once this process has finished the Nylon 6 polymer is made into yarn, which is used for textiles or carpets. Due to its soft and stretchy properties, fabrics made from ECONYL® yarn are especially good for performance wear or swimwear.

Via Aquafil

Why have we chosen to use it?

We chose to use ECONYL® yarn because of its ability to close the loop, and turn waste into a resource. Aquafil have proven that no one needs to or should use virgin nylon anymore. With the potential for there to be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, we have enough waste to clear up!

In terms of its properties, it is super soft, has UV and Thermal protection and muscle control. Because of its ability to act as a performance fabric, our MBR Leggings are often referred to as the comfiest leggings our community have ever worn, but we’ll let you be the judge of that!

Which products are made from it?

MBR Leggings

MBR Crop Top V1 + V2

Certifications Include

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Meet Zijad from Aquafil