Lyocell - Riley Studio


Lyocell is a great choice for everyday wardrobe staples as it is soft, absorbent and resistant to wrinkles. Even better it is also biodegradable. 

What is it?

Lyocell is a man-made cellulosic fibre, which is made by dissolving cellulose or wood pulp using an innovative spinning process. It shares similar properties with other cellulosic fibres such as cotton and linen.

How is it made?

Commonly derived from hardwood trees, the trees are debarked and then cut into small pieces. The pieces are then put into chemical digesters, which break the wood pieces down into a pulp. The next step is to dissolve the cellulose, which turns into a clear solution, and filter it to ensure that all of the chips are dissolved. Finally, comes an advanced solvent spinning process and then the fibre is dried before the carding begins to separate the fibres.

Why have we chosen to use it?

We chose to use lyocell due to its properties as a soft, durable and comfortable fabric, and its ability to biodegrade. It is also an excellent fabric for wardrobe staples as its also wrinkle resistant.

What products are made from it?

Redone Bomber Jackets

Redone Track Pants

Certifications Include

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard