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Recycled Nylon

1million tons of textiles are thrown away every year, with 50% ending up in landfill. With a large percentage of textiles being synthetic in today's industry, that means a lot of plastic is being wasted in the form of clothes every year. Therefore, we have decided to used a recycled nylon fabric created by Olmetex to stop so much going to waste. 


Recycled Nylon


What is Olmetex Recyled Nylon? 

It is 100% recycled PA (Nylon) made from Post-consumer/PET recycled. It’s PFC free and Water Repellent. 


How is it made? 

Post-consumer/PET is broken down into chips, which are then heated and passed through a spinner to form yarn. The yarn is then wound up in spools and passed through a crimping machine to create a fluffy woolly texture. This yarn is then knitted into Nylon fabric.


Recycled Nylon


Why have we chosen to use it? 

It allows the substitution of virgin raw materials for a material that has been derived from recycling various forms of rubbish. 


Which products are made from it? 

Recycled Nylon Gillet


Certifications include 

Global Organic Textile Standard 

Organic 100 Content Standard 

Organic Blended Content Standard 

Global Recycled Standard 


Recycled Nylon


Images via Olmetex