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Recycled Polyester

Polyester is one of the most used yarns within the textile industry, but it is made from plastic. It is estimated that plastic-based fibres will remain in landfills for decades, with the average polyester product likely to survive for over 200 years. That is why we will only ever use recycled polyester. One company leading the way is the Reliance Group who make Recron® GreenGold.

What is it?

Recron® GreenGold is a polyester fibre that is created from post-consumer PET bottles. Annually, Reliance converts more than 1.6 billion post consumer PET bottles into fibres. The recycled polyester has exactly the same properties as virgin polyester, but reduces the consumption of raw materials, energy usage, air pollution and water pollution. The result is also lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin polymer.

How is it made?

The collection of used PET bottles is carried out via approximately 150 collection centres spread across India. This initiative is estimated to directly and indirectly provide employment for about 300,000 people. After collecting the bottles, they are broken down into flakes and melted to then make the polyester fibre. The Reliance Group is currently the only company in the world who have built a complete circle - from the creation of PET resin for bottles, to the collection of discarded bottles, to the production of Recron® GreenGold. They have also released a series of reverse vending machines to collect bottles, keeping India clean and diverting PET bottles from landfill.

Any chemicals used are REACH and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, and bio-energy is used instead of fossil fuels for generating the plant. A zero waste concept ensures that all waste generated is reused, either as a fuel or sold for other applications.

Why have we chosen to use it?

We will always look for recycled alternatives first so that we can help to clear up our global waste crisis, and alleviate pressure on raw materials. With the same properties as virgin polyester, recycled polyester is durable and functional without the large environmental impact.

What products are made from it?

Oversized Hoodie in Red

‘Make Good’ Classic Sweatshirt in Red

‘Created from Waste’ Classic Sweatshirt in Midnight

‘Riley’ Classic Sweatshirt in Mulberry

‘Human Kind’ Classic Sweatshirt in Clay

Classic Hoodies in Forest, Mulberry and Clay

Certifications Include 

Global Recycled Standard, Oeko-Tex 100, REACH.