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How to Plant Your Seed Paper

Let's plant new roots for the year ahead


With every order (until we run out of seeds!) we’re including a piece of paper which contains new life. It is seeded paper which you can plant and grow into beautiful green Spearmint.


We’re hoping you use this as a symbol to set some new intentions and plant some new roots to make positive change, and be a force for good.


How to plant your seeds:


  1. Soak this card in water for approximately 8 hours
  2. Place into a pot with soil
  3. Cover with a thin layer of soil & leave somewhere warm where it will also catch the sunlight
  4. Water it daily
  5. After two weeks you should start to see your new shoots emerge!


Plant your seeds as a symbol of positive change, growth, nurture and care.


We’d love to see your progress! Tag us




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