Our Process – Riley Studio

Our Process

Sustainable Solutions

We dream of a circular future.

We are continuously challenging ourselves and developing new processes so that we can create sustainable solutions at every stage of our journey.

Considered Design

1. Considered Design

Our aim is to create products that can be worn for years to come, ensuring that they complement the rest of your wardrobe. By using simplicity and versatility as our design pillars, we focus on creating
seasonless pieces.

Responsible Sourcing

2. Responsible Sourcing

We will always look for recycled options first, utilising what’s already on this planet. Our next best option is responsibly sourced natural fibres. We also seek out as many certifications as we can, so that we feel confident we are using the most sustainable option available.

Committed Development

3. Committed Development

Before bringing any garment to market we make sure we are 100% happy with them. We are continuously evolving and are committed to refining our designs and fit, always striving to develop an even better product.

Conscious Partners

4. Conscious Partners

We choose our partners specifically for their innovative practices, technological superiority and conscious impact on the world. Through their expertise and knowledge, collectively we are able to work towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Ethical Production

5. Ethical Production

We will only ever produce in small, limited runs. This allows us to keep control of our inventory so that we don’t overproduce. Our factories are SMETA audited, which ensures that our team work in fair and safe

Positive Marketing

6. Positive Marketing

Our objective for our marketing is to educate our community about sustainable living and alternatives to fast fashion. We promise to always be ageless, diverse and gender-neutral.

You will never see us advertising a sale but we might occasionally offer you a small thank you for being part of our community.

Earth Friendly Care

7. Earth Friendly Care

Our clothes are made to last, but to keep them in their best condition, they need to be treated with respect. We have created an earth friendly care guide, to help you reduce the impact your laundry routine has on the environment. Discover it here.

Lifetime Guarantee

8. Lifetime Guarantee

We do everything we can to create quality, lasting clothing but should your Riley Studio product need repair, we offer a lifetime guarantee so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Repurpose & Recycle

9. Repurpose & Recycle

It’s our responsibility to ensure our products have a circular life, and we would never want any Riley Studio pieces to go to landfill. If and when your products have reached the end of their lifespan we will collect them from you and recycle them back into the system.