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5 For Friday: Natalie Glaze, Book Swap Club

by Riley Studio |

This week, for our 5 For Friday we ask #KindHuman Natalie Glaze, creator of much loved Book Swap Club, to give us her top 5 favourite books she's been enjoying during lockdown. 


We’ve been a fan of Natalie’s Book Swap Club for some time now, a platform that promotes buying less through her book swap events, whilst also offering her latest reads and book reviews. Alongside running the Book Swap Club, Natalie is the co-founder of sustainable swimwear brand Stay Wild Swim. Their mission is to produce swimwear with a purpose, creating flattering styles for all sizes, crafted from regenerated ocean plastic in the UK. 


“Books offer me a way of switching off and escaping into another world for a while. I’ve always loved reading but now more than ever I use it as a way to relax and calm my mind. 

These are my recent lockdown reads which I have loved and really recommend.”


1. The Binding, by Bridget Collins

I recently finished The Binding and if I’m honest I am so sad that it’s over and want to read it again already. If I could describe it in a few words it’s magical, beautiful, a world you fall into and never want to leave. I adored the idea behind it which focuses on books and bookbinding in an escapism fantasy world. 


2. Queenie, by Candice Carty-Williams

I loved this book, it’s exactly what I needed to switch off. It was funny, smart, heartbreaking at times and felt very current. It follows Queenie the main character through her journey of heartbreak, low self esteem, her journey with therapy and discovering herself. It’s the perfect mix of fun, laughter, but also covers topics of mental health, race, politics and more.


3. Such A Fun Age, by Kiley Reid

I sped through this book a few months ago. As an overview I loved the subject matters she covers, it feels fresh, relevant and done in a sharp but easy to read way. Although it feels lighter in style than a lot of the books I’ve read recently, that said the light style of writing doesn’t detract from the really important subjects it covers such as race, power, class, privilege and more. Focused on a young black babysitter, her employer and the events and connections between them that unfurl throughout the book. 


4. Girl, Women, Other, by Bernadine Evaristo

I’m only half way through this but adore each character and their story, its powerfully written and filled with struggle and joy. 


5. Supper Club, by Lara Williams

What I loved about this book was how original it was. The thing that stood out for me was the unique style of writing, the description, the acute way she captures loneliness, rage and joy. It’s beautiful but very dark. Based around young women who reclaim their appetites at their secret society supper club where they gorge on food, drugs and sex. But the underlying messaging is around feminism, liberation, oppression, friendships and female bodies. It’s strange, daring & so beautifully written. 


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