5 For Friday: Your Wardrobe | Riley Studio

5 For Friday: Your Wardrobe

by Riley Studio |

Fashion Revolution’s key themes this year are Consumption, Composition, Conditions and Collective Action. The focus is on what we can all do as individuals to help create lasting change within the fashion industry, however small. 


So we thought for our 5 for Friday this week we’d focus on the most immediate change we can make whilst we all have time at home. Our wardrobes. 


Now is the perfect time to Marie Kondo your wardrobe. Go through every piece and ask ‘does it bring joy to you?’ Blanc has a great step by step guide to creating a capsule wardrobe. 


A great way to update your wardrobe without buying any new clothes is a Clothes Swap. Stories Behind Things host Clothes Swaps in London and once able to, will be putting on an event in the summer. 


For all those items you no longer wear, be sure not to throw them away. Instead, save them and donate to your local charity shop or an organisation such as Traid or Love Not Landfill. 


No excuses, sew on that button you’ve waited months to repair. There are great tutorials on YouTube to show you how. If it’s more extensive repairs you need, call on The Restory for help. 


If you have a number of special items that you only wear once a year, why not start making money from them? You can rent your clothes on a number of rental platforms including Hurr