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Step Inside: Meet Our Kind Humans

by Riley Studio |

We believe that community and collaboration are essential parts of creating a sustainable future. We’re lucky to have lots of inspiring people surrounding us and supporting Riley Studio, including you. We like to call these people our Kind Humans. Whenever you upload a picture wearing Riley Studio, we’d love for you to tag us and use #KindHumans so that we can see!


For Earth Day this year, we spoke to a few of our Kind Humans to hear what Earth Day means to them.



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“Climate change, plastic pollution and endangered species are all, ever growing, worries for all life on Earth. The Earth is ever more populated, which means the tiniest of changes in the way we live our lives can have a very tangible impact to the health, and future, of our fragile and precious planet.”




“The time we have to spend enjoying this planet and everything it has to offer, is extremely limited. We need to live each day as if we mean to stay, as opposed to treating what we consume as disposable. We are taking advantage of Mother Nature and her resources, and this is completely unsustainable.

Special days dedicated to a cause like this are a great reminder of the actions we need to be taking on a daily basis. In the same way that we should always show love in our relationships - not just on Valentine's Day, and how a dog is for life - ‘not just for Christmas’, we need to show respect to the planet, with each choice we make, every single day.”


Venetia in the ‘Make Good’ Classic T-Shirt


@mind_body_bowl and @willsebastian

“It’s a reminder really, to notice and appreciate the incredible force that is our mother earth. Especially living in a city, it can be easy to overlook how we are supported by this incredible force. And so Earth Day is a reminder to respect and celebrate the earth, to check-in with our actions and reflect, and then perhaps commit to ways in which we can lessen our impact.”

Will and Annie in the ‘Human Kind’ Classic T-Shirts



“Earth Day is celebrated once a day. For me, as long as I'm alive and living on this planet, I will celebrate this Earth every day.”

Max in the Oversized Hoodie



“Earth Day for me is a chance to celebrate all communities both online and offline that are helping to bring awareness to important causes. For Stories Behind Things, Fashion Revolution Week is our busiest week of the whole year, which is so inspiring for us. Exploring and celebrating that everything has a story, giving that story time and respect is what we are all about. We see this week as a hugely positive step citizens are taking to collectively make positive change.”

Jemma in the ‘Human Kind’ Classic T-Shirt and Modular Teddy Coat



“Earth Day to me means thinking outside of myself and my own personal wants to look at the bigger picture of what may be beneficial for the collective and the world as a whole. Earth Day is about taking the time to appreciate what we have and what the earth has made possible for us. By celebrating the place we live, I hope that it brings us a little closer to the conservation we so desperately need to fight for our earth and its inhabitants.”

Imogen in the ‘Feel Good’ Classic Hoodie



“Earth Day for me is a chance to really take stock and celebrate the natural world on which we are all reliant. More than that, it is an opportunity to demonstrate how we as human beings are affecting it negatively, but also what we can do to protect it and fight for its future. Now - more than ever - that fight is paramount.”

Alicia in the ‘Make Good’ Classic Sweatshirt



“It’s Earth Day every day, but especially on the 22nd of April we will remember how to protect where we belong and where we are planning to stay. Translating our purpose into actions.”

Eva in the ‘Human Kind’ Classic Sweatshirt


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