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5 Minutes With: Max La Manna

by Riley Studio |

It's Zero Waste Week and so we sat down with our favourite Zero Waste Chef and #KindHuman Max La Manna to hear his household hacks on wasting less food, where to shop more sustainably, and his favourite recipe from his new cook book 'More Plants, Less Waste.'

RS: Firstly, what does Zero Waste mean?

MLM: Zero waste means sending nothing to landfill, that is the true definition of it. It’s created the lowest impact you could possibly make. It’s truly impossible to live a completely zero waste life style. Its just trying to create that lowest impact that you could possibly make.


RS: For those of us wishing to move towards a Zero Waste lifestyle, what would you suggest doing as a first step?

MLM: I think the first thing that anyone can do is accept. Accept that there is an issue, that we are causing the issue, it’s a human caused problem, and from that you can live a zero-waste life style by bringing a reasonable water bottle with you a keep cup when you’ve made a coffee or tea in the morning, bring your bags with you, shop local, buy less clothes, or know where your clothes are coming from. Appreciate the things you already own in your life so you can create less waste.


RS: Can you recommend any Zero Waste shops in London or across the world?

MLM - There’s Liberte Cherie in Notting Hill, Hetu in West London, the Source Bulk, you can go to Whole Foods, or Planet Organic have Bulk sections in their store so you can buy and bulk. Zero waste is just creating the lowest impact so shop organically, go to the local farmers market, buy fruit and produce that’s seasonal and local. 


RS: We’re so excited about the recent launch of your cookbook 'More Plants, Less Waste’, what is one of your favourite recipes from it? 

MLM: My favourite recipe in my debut cookbook ‘More Plants, Less Waste’ has to be the seed to skin squash pasta recipe. Using everything from the squash itself from the skin, the seeds, the insides so use everything so nothing goes to waste.


RS: Lastly, there are so many household hacks you can do with food waste, can you give us one of your best tips?

MLM  - My favourite tip to create less food waste has to be to use up everything in your fridge. There’s a recipe in my book called, “I have nothing in my fridge stir fry”, and we basically get into this mentality that we don’t have enough food, but in reality, there’s still those odd ends of vegetables that are laying around that we could up using. Chop them up, put them in the pan, fry them up, and eat them. Don’t let your food go to waste, use up everything, you’ll end up saving money, and enjoying a meal that would have gone to waste.


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