Step Inside: Riley Studio x REN Skincare

Step Inside: Riley Studio x REN Skincare

by Riley Studio |

We're proud to have be chosen by REN Skincare to be featured in their Clean to Planet Shop. As pioneers of clean skincare, they have curated a collection of items and brands that share their vision of a sustainable future, giving would-be waste a second life.

Alongside Riley Studio, they have chosen brands that work with waste materials, upcycling them into everyday essentials, ensuring that waste is kept out of landfill. If you have any recommendations of other brands, you can also e-mail them. 

REN are on a mission themselves to provide products that are Clean to Skin and Clean to Planet. They only use bio-actives that benefit skin health, and ingredients that that protect the efficacy of the formula. No toxins, no harsh chemicals and no irritants. It's a yes from us! 

Even better, they also have a goal to become zero-waste by 2021. This includes recyclable packaging, refillable solutions and bottles made from ocean plastic. In addition to this, they work alongside Surfrider to help clean up beaches and oceans worldwide. 

Keep your eyes peeled for another Riley Studio x REN Skincare announcement soon!

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