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RS Living: Going Back To School, Plastic Free

by Hello Riley |

It’s time for your #LittleSprouts to return to school, but that doesn’t mean they have to take plastic with them. 

It’s never too early to start thinking about reducing plastic from your daily routine, with small changes adding up to big differences. Here are 5 examples of small brands who are making useful products that help to keep plastic out of the playground, the canteen and the classroom. 

Reusable bottles

Responsibly sourced, ethically made and created from low impact materials, @onelittlegreenbottle is a great option for a long lasting, high quality bottle. Plus, for each bottle sold they reclaim 25 single use plastic water bottles from ocean-bound litter. 


Bamboo lunch boxes and snack pots

If you are looking for some eco-friendly snack pots, look no further than @ecorascals, who specialise in organic bamboo and food-grade silicone pots. Their bamboo animal trays add some extra fun to mealtimes too. 



Organic Cotton kit bags 

Perfect for PE kits, toys or anything in between, our Riley Studio Organic Cotton Dust Bags are made from ethically produced organic cotton. Embroidery can be added to make these bags a personalised object to treasure. Even better, your first Little Riley Studio order comes free with one. 

Recycled Pencil Cases 

In the classroom, a good pencil case goes a long way. For nature loving little ones, @welovefrugi have created a series in partnership with the National Trust. Made from 100% recycled polyester, their pencil case is decorated with animals you might encounter on a dusk walk in the woods.  


Plantable pencils 

It’s no good having a plastic free pencil case if the things inside are made of plastic. @Sproutworld have found a fun and sustainable way to fill a pencil case with their plantable pencils. Made from sustainably certified wood, these pencils are ready to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs as soon as they’re too short to use.