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RS Living: Why Gender Free Clothing Is The Future Of Kidswear

by Riley Studio |

“Kids never get a chance to find out what interests or tendencies they might have if we start color-coding, sorting, and categorizing them before they even have any chance to tell us anything themselves” 

We all know that buying clothes for you little ones can be a struggle. It’s hard to find clothing that checks all the boxes of comfort, style and sustainability. Even then, growth spurts can quickly turn a brand new buy into something for the charity pile. Before you know it, it’s time for another trip to the shops. 

That’s where Little Riley Studio comes in. Our collection of gender free and seasonless staples have been designed with universal appeal and a long lifespan. 

Let us walk you through some of the benefits: 

1. Sharing is Caring

When you design without gender, sharing has no bounds and hand- me-downs have never been easier. Pass your Little Riley Studio pieces around your community. The same T-shirt can be worn by girls, boys, cousins, friends - anyone really.

2.Don’t Buy Twice

Instead of having to buy individual wardrobes for your little boy and girl, gender free clothing allows you to have one capsule wardrobe of soft staples for everyone. As well as consuming less, you’re making less work for yourself on laundry day. 

3. Free Expression 

Not automatically putting your child into a gender binary gives them the opportunity to express themselves freely from a young age. Choosing clothes that are gender-free allows your little ones to be whoever they want to be. 


4. Save Money

It’s an old cliche, but if you buy well you’ll buy less. Clothes made from high quality natural and recycled fabrics will outlast any fast fashion purchase, while also being far kinder on the planet. Plus, every Little Riley Studio garment comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if it gets damaged we’ll help to repair it - free of charge.