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RS Living: Where to buy and resell kidswear this Second Hand September

by Hello Riley |

We breakdown some of the top buying and selling platforms as Second Hand September gets into full swing. 

Second Hand September is a 30 day campaign run by Oxfam to encourage consumers to shop more responsibly . Buying second hand helps to lower the overall demand for new clothing and encourages circularity, which is something we are big fans of at Riley Studio.  

To help you get started, we wanted to put a spotlight on some great online resale sites that allow you to find pre-loved items from around the world and find new homes for your unwanted items. 

Finding a new home for your unwanted or unused clothing is a great way to avoid waste. Some are purely charitable setups while others will help to put some money back into your pocket. 

Here are 5 platforms for you to try: 


Vinted is a newer alternative to eBay or Depop. It's and effortless way to buy and resell clothes. The app is simple to navigate and the listing prices for sellers are pennies. 


Loopster offers premium quality women’s and kid's fashion at a fraction of high street prices. If you want to sell old clothes, Loopster does all the work for you. Just create a Loopster account, request a "Loopster clear out bag" to fill with at least 15 items and they will pay you upfront for all the items they can resell. 


The Clear Out Online Store
Not only does The Clearout Store provide a platform to buy and sell clothes, they also cater for homeware, toys and baby products. They also offer cash for clothes if you want to make a little money off your old garments.


Micolet is another great second hand platform that offers high quality clothing for big discounts. Easy to navigate and use, we really like Micolet as a resale platform.


Dotte is a family-to-family marketplace where you can shop thousands of children's wardrobes. A simple one-stop-shop where parents can buy, sell, donate and recycle outgrown children's clothing. Dotte put time into curated edits, brand partnerships and style discovery, so shopping second hand now feels like new.