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RS Living: Where To Shop #SecondHandSeptember

by Hello Riley |

Second Hand September is a 30 day campaign run by @oxfamgb to encourage consumers to shop responsibly and buy existing products. Buying second-hand helps to lower the overall demand for new clothing to be produced and encourages circularity; something we are big on here at Riley Studio.  

For #SecondHandSeptember this year, we wanted to put a spotlight on some great online resale sites, which allow you to browse the rails from the comfort of your own home. 

Giving your unwanted or unused clothing a second life is a great way to avoid waste. Some are purely charity setups while others will even help to put some money back into your pocket. 

Here are 5 platforms for you to try: 

  • Thrift Plus 
  • THRIFT plus is an online resale platform that sells  your old clothes for you and sends the earnings to a charity of your choice.  Sounds perfect right? They photograph donations to get maximum earnings for your selected charity. From high street to designer, @thrift_plus has your back. 

  • Oxfam Online 
  • Oxfam online is one of the biggest second hand ecommerce platforms. Do you struggle finding things in charity shops? Well look no further than @oxfamonlineshop who allows you to scroll through the rails with filters to help narrow down your search based on size, brand and price. 

  • The Clear Out Online Store
  • Super reasonable and easy to use, @theclearoutstore is a great online shop for all the family. They also offer cash for clothes if you want to make a little money off your old garments.

  • Micolet 
  • @micolet_uk are another great second-hand platform that offers high quality clothing for huge discounts. Easy to navigate and use, we really like Micolet as a resale platform. 

  • Great for designer vintage and streetwear, @thrifted_com offers a huge range of high quality vintage garments. From Burberry to Moschino, is the place to go for huge discounts on authentic designer picks.