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5 Minutes With: Eco Rascals

by Hello Riley |

What inspired you to create your first Eco Rascals products?

That brilliant 'aha' moment we hear so much about happened between Kristina and I during a kids' dinner playdate. We both used wooden chopping boards to serve our kid's meals in, and we had a conversation about the why behind that. The answer? We wanted their food served to them on anything natural and non-toxic, and natural wooden chopping boards were what we could trust at the time.

Unfortunately there was nothing available to us in the UAE without paying heavy shipping costs and using air shipping. So we decided that afternoon that we would look into creating our own tableware range out for parents like us. Fast forward a few years to now, and we're happily supplying eco-friendly and stylish tableware to families in over 30 countries worldwide!

What is special about bamboo and why did you use it as the primary material for Eco Rascals?

After spending most of our "free-time" (I put that in quotes because free-time as a parent is almost an oxymoron, haha!) researching alternatives to plastic tableware, we chose bamboo as it was such a quick-growing organic plant that's also not grown or harvested with the use of pesticides.

How do you make sustainable design engaging for children?

Having five of our own children now, many of the designs have been inspired by them and their favourite animals or fascinations! First and foremost, the goal is to create plates that are functional. That's why we offer plates in different sizes as well as plates with two sections, four - or no sections at all. There's a style that fits any household!

What’s been your proudest moment since launching Eco Rascals?  

We've had so many WOW moments over the last few years, but our proudest moment by far has been receiving e-mails and recommendations from customers who not only love our products, but really took the time to understand who was behind the brand. We've built so many lasting friendships within the eco rascals community, and that has truly meant the world to us.

What are the next innovations that you’re excited about at Eco Rascals?

We don't want to reveal too much.. but let's just say we have a wonderful new product coming that really embodies our desire to create functional products while reducing waste for parents. We're so excited to reveal the next range and we believe parents will feel that it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what they need.

Do you have any tips for preventing food waste when feeding young children? 

I think if you have a great blender, you can really reduce your food waste. Leftover fruits can be blended with yoghurt and ice to make smoothies. Leftover veggies can be blended to make a great (and fairly unnoticeable 😉) addition to sauces!