5 minutes with: Photographer, Alex Bramall | Riley Studio

5 minutes with: Photographer, Alex Bramall

by Riley Studio |

Alex Bramall shot our beautiful campaign for Collection 06, so we virtually sat down with the photographer and founder of Circular Threads project to find out about his career so far and his interest in sustainability. 


When did you decide that you wanted to become a photographer?

I decided to become a photographer in 2013 after 10 years working as Art Director to Mario Testino.

Who or what inspires you?

My wife.  

I find inspiration all around me, in all sorts of people; including my family, friends, my team, the clients I work for, the models I shoot and also in the places I visit. For example, the beach and the hills - open and graphic landscapes.

How did you interpret the creative brief that Riley Studio gave you for the Collection 06 campaign shoot?

We looked at the mood boards together and I envisaged the lighting to be soft and subtle in order to really focus on the clothes. 

We wanted to create a natural, effortless and ‘unlit' daylight vibe to reflect the effortless feel and the quality of the collection.  

The set was also soft and subtle as a backdrop and the models were really great at instinctively knowing how to move in the clothes to give a real integrity to the images. 


What is your favourite piece from the Collection? How would you style this piece day to day?

As a photographer I need to be comfortable and also smart - so the black shirts are perfect - loose fitting, relaxed enough to work in and presentable. 

What does sustainability mean to you? Are there any tips you would offer those trying to make positive change in their daily lives? 

Sustainability means taking steps to be more conscious as a consumer, being more thoughtful about your lifestyle, more transparency in your business, being proactive about adapting your processes to minimise negative effects on our planet and inspiring others to do the same.

Nobody can be perfect, but we all have the responsibility to do something to help. I am personally very passionate about plastic. I encourage everyone to try the #PickupPlasticChallenge: try to take at least five minutes a day to look around you and pick up any plastic you might see. There is a litter pandemic and collecting plastic is one way we can all help. By doing this we are setting an example to future generations to be more conscious of how they dispose of their litter.

Why did you start your Circular Threads Project and can you tell us a bit more about it?

I started The Circular Threads Project together with stylist and long-term collaborator Natalie Wansbrough-Jones to explore in what ways the fashion industry could become more sustainable. We are not an authority on the matter, we simply want to ask important questions, have open conversations with inspiring people and raise awareness by doing so. 

For me, it's also very important to be able to have the opportunity to create beautiful portraits with no other agenda than to explore how we can make our practice more sustainable.

Where is home for you?

After the birth of my second son I moved out of London to the countryside in Wiltshire. 

What is making you feel optimistic at this time?

I love seeing how creative everyone in our industry has been despite the impact of the Lockdown.

We have found new ways of working, that I hope will mean we travel less in the future and we are more inclusive and have more diversity in what we do.

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