5 Minutes With: Photographer, Morgane Lay | Riley Studio

5 Minutes With: Photographer, Morgane Lay

by Riley Studio |

We sat down to speak with photographer Morgane Lay, who shot our most recent campaign for Collection 05. 

Morgane gave us an insight into her life during lockdown in the UK and how she keeps inspired and centred during this time.


1)  When did you decide that you wanted to become a photographer?

I’d always been into taking pictures from a very young age, but really I just took photos of friends and family growing up in Biarritz, especially over the summer spending time at the beach there was always amazing light there. Over 10 years ago I met Jonny, who was already working as a photographer, and he helped build my confidence that I needed to start working professionally too. 


2) Who or what inspires you?

There’s always different things inspiring my work at different moments. It might be a particular piece of clothing on set, the light at a certain time of day but there’s so much great photography out there both from the past and currently that I’m inspired and challenged by the images I see everyday. 


3) How did you interpret the creative brief that Riley Studio gave you for the collection 05 campaign?

It was really great to work with the Riley Studio team on this campaign, they really gave us a lot of freedom. We knew we wanted to focus on warm tones and bring in some different textures that felt natural and complimented the collection. 


4) What is your favourite piece from the Collection? How would you style this piece day to day?

My favourite piece from the collection is the cashmere funnel neck sweater. I really love the shape and will wear it all winter with a pair of high waisted jeans and a trench. 



5) What does sustainability mean to you? Are there any tips you would offer those trying to make positive change in their daily lives? 

To me sustainability means consuming less and educating yourself on where the things you do consume come from. Over the last few years I’ve personally tried to change the way I buy clothes, avoiding fast fashion where possible and aiming to invest in pieces that will last longer.  


6) Where is home for you? As we settle into a second lockdown in England, how will you be spending your time? What comforts do you turn to?

Home is London. During lockdown I hope to be able to continue working as usual (of course abiding by all the necessary restrictions), but definitely feel the pace of things professionally is slowing down. During the last lockdown I spent much more time cooking, exercising and sleeping better, so hoping that will be the case this time around again. 


7. What is making you feel optimistic at this time?
To be honest, in this current climate it’s difficult not to feel anxious and negative about the state of the world but maybe we’re reaching that point where things can only get better right? That said, with the recent US election result, was the first time I’d turned on the news and been left with any positive feelings for what feels like years. So here’s hoping for some healing a change for the better. 



View the campaign shot by Morgane Lay here