5 Minutes With: Riley Uggla, Founder and Creative Director | Riley Studio

5 Minutes With: Riley Uggla, Founder and Creative Director

by Hello Riley |

We sat down with Founder and Creative Director Riley Uggla, to discuss our latest kidswear range and the launch of the world of Little Riley Studio. 


What made you decide to launch a kids range for Riley Studio?

As a mother, I have always been very conscious of the materials I use and make sure that anything I purchase is of natural fibres to protect both my son, as well as the environment. I wanted to create clothes for children with the same ethos, qualities and brand values as Riley Studio, and so this felt like a very natural step for the brand.


What are the most important things you consider when buying something for your son?

I try to buy things I know can be passed down to family members or friends in the future, something that washes easily and is made from natural materials. 


What does sustainability mean to you?

For me sustainability is all about transparency and traceability. In order for people to appreciate and take care of their clothes it’s important for them to see the journey it has been on to get to the rail. For too long the fashion industry has concealed it’s supply chain, which is why we do it differently - and show every stage of our supply chain on each product. 

We want to put the respect back into clothes and show the many hands it takes to make them and believe if the consumer knows this, they will cherish their clothing for longer. 


What were the biggest challenges when creating a kids range as an adult brand?

Fitting garments on children aged 1-5 was really tricky as it’s difficult to get accurate feedback from a child as to whether it’s comfy or not! We worked with an expert garment technician to make sure we were launching the very best fit for them. 


What was the inspiration behind the Little Riley Studio range?

Comfort and playfulness were the core elements that we took inspiration from for the Little Riley Studio range. We wanted to create cosy, eco-friendly essentials for children which give them the freedom and ability to move around and play. 

We loved the idea of having matching adult and children sets for our loungewear, and because everything was gender-neutral this would mean the whole family could share clothes! We love the fabric we use for the adult loungewear pieces because of both the amazing sustainable credentials but also how soft and cosy it is, so we felt it would work perfectly for our kids range. 

  • What are your favourite pieces from the range?

  • I really love the white Human Kind sweatshirt and track pant set - it’s perfect for either gender, can be worn all year round and is just so soft and cosy. My son and I have a matching set which I love!   

    I also adore our new Little Riley Studio dust bags that you can personalise!


    Has becoming a mother changed your perspective on how to navigate the world?

    Becoming a mother has definitely changed my perspective! The bigger picture of life and my approach to things has had a monumental change, everything I ever doubted finally became a lot clearer. Before my son, many decisions I made were centred around myself and how I could be spontaneous. Now, I navigate pretty much everything around my son and his needs. Our world is definitely different but without a doubt an exciting and fulfilling one.


    Any tips out there for new mums trying to consciously raise a new baby?

    My biggest advice would be not to leave it all to the last minute. There are so many wonderful sustainable brands out there and if you give yourself the time to search for products with longevity in mind you will be surprised at the amount you can find from all natural, clean and compostable materials to hand knitted blankets and pieces that can be passed down.