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5 Minutes With: Venetia Falconer

by Riley Studio |

We sat down with one of our #KindHumans, Sustainability Activist Venetia Falconer to talk about what we can all do to lead a more sustainable life. As an advocate for slow fashion, veganism and all things sustainable, she continues to inspire us everyday. Check her out on Instagram for more tips and to listen to her Talking Tastebuds podcast.

RS: It is great to see so much activism happening recently, what can we do as individuals to work towards a healthier planet? 

VF: The more I learn about life, the more I realise that everything comes down to mindful consumption and human connection. If we can live in a conscious way as individuals and encourage those around us to do the same, we’ll establish a greater sense of community and therefore have a better chance of living a happier life and make our planet healthier at the same time.

RS: What is your view on the power of community in driving sustainable living? How important is it to global change? 

VF: Community is the root of everything when it comes to global change. Community allows us to make an impact on a larger scale. It will hold us accountable to our actions and motivate us to do better when we wake up in the morning. It sounds cheesy, but community is love.

RS: How can we encourage people to live more sustainably?

VF: I passionately believe that by living more consciously, we will have a greater sense of purpose and therefore, improved mental health. Living this way allows us to step aside from our egos and understand that the reason why we’re here, is bigger than us. This is for the species who have been here longer than us, it’s for the next generation to learn about and nurture. This is about the restoration and longevity of our planet. 

RS: What do you do everyday to make small changes?
VF: Some small ideas I work on every day:
- Compost food scraps.
- Celebrate old clothes.
- Re-consider the flight.
- Question the freebies.
- Respect running water.
- Decline single-use anything.
- Invest in the reusable.
- Spend less time scrolling.
- More time loving.
- Save the bees.
- Hug trees.

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