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In the Loop: evian®'s Journey Towards Circularity

by Riley Studio |

We were very excited earlier in the year to hear about evian’s future plans and their journey towards circularity. evian has transformed its approach to plastic to become a 100% circular brand by 2025.

The plastic crisis we are currently living through has thankfully been brought fully into the public eye, and now brands across all industries are beginning to adapt their businesses to eliminate virgin plastic and consumers alike are starting to change their lifestyles in order to make positive progress in the fight against plastic.

As well as making all of their plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic by 2025, evian plans to redesign its packaging through pioneering partnerships, seeking for zero plastic bottle waste. evian understands and believes that sustainability cannot be achieved without collaboration so have called for collaboration across industries and beyond to achieve a sustainable, large-scale change in the way we make, use and reuse plastics. At the moment evian are working closely with the Ellen MacArthur foundation and Loop Industries to steer away from a linear model to a circular one.

Another key figure helping evian lead the way is Virgil Abloh. Back in December evian announced Virgil as Creative Advisor for Sustainable Design. His first project ‘One Drop Can Make a Rainbow’ features reusable water bottles made in partnership with Soma. The bottles feature a shatter-resistant glass design, with an easy grip silicone sleeve and leak-proof natural bamboo cap. Speaking about the project, Virgil voiced:


“The notion that one drop of water can create a rainbow served as the inspiration and metaphor to drive my first project as Evian’s Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design. As light refracts through that droplet, it reveals its full polychromatic potential. We don’t see just water, we see infinite possibilities and inspiration for anyone. Everyone.”

As a global brand with influence, evian is determined to use their voice to change consumer behaviour around plastic waste and recycling, starting with a #herothezero initiative, which will help increase consumer knowledge about circularity and drive the awareness of the need for change. To accelerate this even further, evian are also partnering with VICE Impact to create a series of educational documentaries!

To add to this, they are also taking part in a research mission with The Ocean Cleanup, amongst other incredible initiatives.

We can’t wait to watch evian’s journey and learn more about circularity from them and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation!

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