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Meet The Maker: Tower Garments

by Riley Studio |

Introducing our #MeetTheMaker series where once a quarter, we will introduce you to one of our partners from our supply chain to celebrate the people who make our clothes. 

For any business striving for sustainability they must be able to have full traceability and transparency of their supply chain otherwise how can they understand the many stages of the garments lifecycle. 

We have always believed we are one global team and that we are only as good as our suppliers. We value the hands that make our clothes as without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.


Who are Tower Garments? 

Tower Garments was established in 2012 following the demand from well known designers and buyers for “high quality ‘Made in England’ clothing for people who recognised the design, style and attention to detail that was always previously associated with English manufacturing, but that has been missing due to the cheaper, rapidly churned foreign production.” Lev, Owner.  

Based in North London, Tower Garments has a team of 90 people across the sampling, production and quality checking teams. 

How did we find them? 

Since our launch back in September 2018 we have been on the lookout for a UK based manufacturer that could offer the highest quality finish. Initially our first two collections were predominantly loungewear pieces made from innovative, waste materials such as Q-Nova and Recover. Our mission has always been to create timeless sustainable wardrobe staples that are kind on people and planet and utilising waste and recycled materials, so we always had it in our product plan to expand into wovens. 

It was through the personal research of our Production Manager that we came across Tower Garments. With clients including Christopher Raeburn, Finisterre, Phoebe English and Macintosh we knew the quality would be of the highest standard. 

Why did we choose to work with Tower Garments?

After a number of initial meetings with the team at Tower Garments we felt confident we had found the right partner to launch our new woven pieces for Collection 04 (launched June 2020). Here’s why we wanted them as part of the Riley Studio team:


1. Open Door Policy 

Tower Garments operate an open door policy, so anyone can come onto the factory floor and speak directly to the workers. This full transparency allows us to check the workers are being treated well and working in good conditions. Seeing all their smiling faces helps us know we are working with the right partner. 


2. Local 

As a London based business, having a partner so close has huge benefits. We are able to visit regularly and discuss any design or production updates in person which has allowed us to build a strong relationship with the Tower Garments team. As a result they feel like an extended part of our team, rather than a supplier and we work with them in a collaborative manner. It also allows us to support our local community and champion bringing manufacturing back to the UK. 


3. Quality 

We only create garments that we are confident will stand the test of time, both in design and quality, so the makeup of the garment is incredibly important to us. Tower Garment’s craftsmanship is second to none, and we have been incredibly impressed with their quality, finishing and attention to detail. 

What styles do Tower Garments make for us? 

Tower Garments made all our woven styles for our latest Collection 04 which we launched in June this year. This includes our Organic Cotton Classic Shirt, our Organic Cotton Workwear Jacket and our Organic Cotton Pocket Shorts


 They have also been making our (many) face masks from off cut and deadstock fabrics. Throughout lockdown Tower Garments has also played a key role in supporting the Emergency Design Network in making PPE for the NHS and to date they have made over 2,000.

We have been overwhelmed with the response from our community for these styles, selling well both online and exclusively at Selfridges. We are now working with Tower Garments on our Collection 05 styles and we are excited to launch some new designs with them.  

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