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RS Living: Wardrobe Sharing

by Hello Riley |

Here at Riley Studio, we pride ourselves in using the latest eco-innovation and sustainable solutions. So, this week we want to put a spotlight on our gender-less design. Making our clothes gender neutral has been part of the brands DNA from the beginning and we want to let you know why.



Unisex clothing is not only inclusive to every binary, but it is more sustainable. If clothing is not limited to a gender then its life span has no boundaries. It can be swapped and shared between partners, parents, friends, anyone! This purchase is not just for you, it could become a wardrobe staple for your partner too and the generations to come. 


 Extending your items fabric history by passing it down or swapping is a great way to increase circularity. When it comes to clothes we no longer want, donating them should be a last resort. As we move towards more circular economies the best thing is to wear it for as long as possible and try swapping with friends.  


If we only swap within the boundaries of gender then we miss out on doing this as effectively as we could; keeping more clothes out of landfill and getting them into the hands of people who’ll genuinely enjoy them”  
- Ethical Unicorn


Saving money

Being able to wear and borrow your partner's clothes means you have even more options in the morning. It saves money and resources, it stops you constantly consuming, and it reduces demand for new items. Reducing the demand for fashion is the only way suppliers will create less and slow down production. 


Sharing with others means bringing together different aesthetics and shapes, combining colours and concepts that you wouldn’t necessarily have bought for yourself. This is an amazing way to keep trying new things without having to purchase anything new and allows you to keep your wardrobe fresh. 



We love circularity at Riley Studio,  so next time you go to purchase clothing why don’t you choose something your partner could get use out of too?