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Step Inside: Our Collection 05 Impact Summary

by Riley Studio |

As a start-up, we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our production. Since the beginning, we have been committed to transparency, and we think it is important to document our journey along the way. 

We still have work to do, but we have created our first mini impact report for Collection 05.


Eco improvements 

At the beginning of 2020, we started our journey towards a zero waste supply chain and removing plastic altogether. Whilst functionality was vital, we were keen to find a solution that had minimal impact in its production and a positive end of life disposal. 

Through our extensive research we came across a company called Better Packaging who are leading the way in compostable packaging solutions. As a company their values and ethos were aligned with our own and their transparency was hugely appealing so we could understand exactly where and how their products were produced. Furthermore, as a business they offset the carbon footprint of their business operations by 120% so they are now Climate Positive. 

Their range of compostable packaging solutions is extensive, and their comPOLY bags were the perfect solution for our supply chain - a certified home compostable bag made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials. 

We also introduced our seed paper which allows customers to plant our marketing slip, that will eventually grow into a spearmint plant. 



We have a really amazing team of people doing fantastic work to create each of our garments. We think there’s a real importance in knowing where your clothing comes from and feeling confident that they have been made ethically and with a lot of care. That’s why we list our products' journeys in each item description so you can see how far they are travelling. 


Design Process

We specifically source fabrics by looking for the most sustainable and practical materials as our first priority.
Through extensive research of the development in new eco-innovative materials, we start by sourcing our fabrics for each collection first. Once we discover the materials which meet our sustainability and style credentials, our team will start their design process.


Our collections are concise, and the design process is based around what we feel the Riley Studio customer needs as an addition to their current wardrobe and how these pieces work together with our existing collections.
When we decide to make any new pieces, we consider every step in the process of creating that garment, from the farm used to produce the plant, where the yarn is spun and finally where this is made. We consider the actual environmental impact of producing the product and how easy it will be to recycle it at the end of its lifespan.



Impact Summary - Collection 05