Step Inside: The Inspiration Behind Collection 02 - Riley Studio

Step Inside: The Inspiration Behind Collection 02

by Riley Studio |

At Riley Studio, we consistently look to nature to gain inspiration for our collections. For Collection 02 we looked to an island situated in the North Atlantic… Iceland. Its raw, untouched and captivating landscapes drew us in as we looked to escape from the urban environment of London.

Widely known as ‘The Land of Fire and Ice”, Iceland has some of the world’s most active volcanoes and plays home to some of Europe’s largest glaciers. It is also the land of light and darkness, long beautiful summer days with 24h sunshine in stark contrast with very short and opaque winter days.

Our muted colour palette of midnight, forest, clay and mulberry was inspired by the interplay between Iceland’s dynamic river deltas and its forbidding landscapes, where the forces of nature are profound. In a world where humanity’s dominion can sometimes feel like the overriding source of power, Iceland reminds us of the true strength and beauty of Mother Nature. Volcanic ash, sediment and colourful minerals pushed along by ice cold glacier water, the crisp air bellowing around dense and irregular rock formations, moss covered lava fields and soaring fjords, we couldn’t have asked for greater creative diversity.

Alongside the infinitely beautiful landscapes, we also looked to Iceland because of their progressive and peaceful outlook. With sustainable development at the core of everything we do, we admire Iceland for forming a society where freedom and equality drive decisions. As a country, they continuously rank near the top for measurements of quality of life, gender equality, health care, education and democracy.

We hope that one day, if you haven’t already, you get to experience and explore Iceland so that you reconnect with the power of nature.