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All of our t-shirts are currently made from recot²®, which was developed by Gebrüder Otto in Germany. Conventional cotton is one of the most intensively cultivated agricultural products in the world, so their goal was to improve the life cycle assessment of cotton, reducing the amount of water and pesticides used. This was achieved by using a blend of recycled cotton and GOTS certified organic cotton.

What is recot²®?

recot²® is a mix of recycled cotton and GOTS certified organic cotton. The idea behind recot²® was to produce a carded yarn comparable with a combed organic yarn in terms of quality, but with a better eco-balance. For that to happen, they mixed 25% recycled cotton coming from pre-consumer waste with 75% organic cotton.

How is it made?

The recycled cotton fibres are obtained from processed production waste, from various stages of the textile value chain, e.g. yarn residue produced in the spinning mill and fabric scraps from the weaving mill. The production of cotton yarn containing recycled cotton was made possible by developing a new spinning method, which creates a yarn comparable to conventional cotton, minus the huge environmental impact.

According to Gebrüder Otto there is a water saving of 5,000 litres per kilogram of yarn, by using recot²®.

Why have we chosen to use it?

We are always looking for ways that we can use recycled materials and the mix of recycled cotton and organic cotton is perfect because it can still be easily recycled at the end of its lifecycle, whilst alleviating pressure on virgin resources. By using GOTS certified organic cotton, we can also make sure that no harmful chemicals or fertilisers are used. The result is a lightweight, breathable and long lasting range of t-shirts.

Via Gerbrüder Otto

Which products are made from it?

All of our T-Shirts

Certifications Include

GOTS certified, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Oeko-Tex STeP.