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Spotlight On: 'Human Kind' Loungewear

by Hello Riley |


At Riley Studios, we pride ourselves in creating clothing that will last a lifetime. We design for comfort and we create with sustainability always in mind. By using recycled materials, we are able to alleviate pressure on virgin resources and reduce our environmental impact.

Our sustainable loungewear is no exception... made from a mix of upcycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles, we really do create from waste!

What are they made from and why? 

At Riley Studio, we try and source recycled yarns as much as we can and we’re proud to work with Recover® recycled yarns. Textile waste is a huge global problem so it was essential that we used materials that have a minimal impact on the planet.

Recover® Yarn was created in Spain by Hilaturas Ferre and it is 100% recycled.  Crafted from preloved cotton and recovered polyester in plastic bottles, we are very proud to involve it in our production process. 

One of the best things about Recover® Yarn is that they don’t use any chemicals or dyes, eliminating the contamination of water with dyes. Incredibly, they take the colour already in the textile waste and they are able to blend it with carrier fibres to make almost any colour you want. All products made out of Recover® textiles can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, returning into the system for a closed loop production cycle.


Hilaturas Ferre scored the best on the Higg Index, proving that they make the lowest-impact cotton yarns in the global market. According to Hilaturas Ferre, you can save up to 15,000 litres of water using 1 kg of Recover® fibre, compared to 1kg of conventional dyed cotton fibre! 

Where are they made? 

We are proud to have our loungewear made in Portugal at Esfani. This allows us to follow every stage of the process and ensure our supply chain is transparent. We chose to work with Esfani because they are experts in Jersey production, the factory is SMETA audited and we have a long standing working relationship with them.

If you want to know more about our amazing team you can get more information here.

How are they designed?

Our design team wanted to keep the loungewear minimalist, clean and comfortable. They chose slightly off white embroidery so it had a softness and slightly vintage feel like the rest of the collection. The sweatshirt is crafted in a super soft fleece-back jersey, with a cosy oversized fit and a drop shoulder for the unisex design. The track pants are also a relaxed fit but have a tapered shape so they can be smartened up too.

Why we love our loungewear?

Not only is our loungewear super cosy, but it also comes from a clean and honest supply chain. The oversized unisex design makes Riley Studio inclusive to all our #KindHumans. If that wasn't already enough...each garment saves approximately 6.5 plastic bottles too!


Stephanie is wearing a size 1. She is 5'7" and has a 25" waist.


Factory: Esfani, Portugal
Mill: Lurdes Sampaio, Portugal
Yarn: Hilaturas Ferre, Spain
Raw: Plastic Bottles & textile waste