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Our Journal

In the Loop: Fashion Revolution Week

We only launched in August 2018 so this is our first year taking part in Fashion Revolution Week. With transparency and traceability at the heart of our ethos, we’re proud to support and be part of this important global movement within the Fashion Industry.Fashion Revolution Week takes place every year in April, in line with the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh on 24th April 2013. 1138 people were killed and over 2000 injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. There were five garment factories in Rana Plaza and all of them were manufacturing for big global brands. That was the day that Fashion Revolution was born.   Our clothes travel the world, passing through the hands of many people who help to make them, from farmers, spinners, dyers and manufacturers, the list is extensive and fashion’s supply chain is complex. According to Fashion Revolution, “approximately 75 million people work to make our clothes and 80% of them are women between the ages of 18 and 35”. The problem however, is that many of the people who make clothes for the global market live in poverty, are subject to exploitation and work in unsafe environments. This has to change.By operating with transparent and traceable supply chains, brands are held accountable and are able to investigate the working conditions at each stage. Fashion Revolution started Fashion Revolution Week with the campaign #whomademyclothes, where brands and producers are encouraged demonstrate transparency in the supply chain, answering any questions consumers might have and responding with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes.     “TODAY, BOTH PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT SUFFER AS A RESULT OF THE WAY FASHION IS MADE, SOURCED AND CONSUMED.” — Fashion Revolution Across our social media and our Journal you will be able to read about the people in our supply chain. We’ve been secretly working on a new website as well (which will launch the beginning of May), where we will have even more information for you to read about Our Team, and to discover our supply chain. Whilst we have been able to trace back a significant amount of supply chain, we are on a journey and a mission to be as transparent and traceable as possible.   We love answering questions from you so please e-mail us at hello@rileystudio if you want to find out anything else! To find out more about Fashion Revolution Week and how you can take part, head over to their website here. MEET SOME OF OUR TEAM We will introduce you to everyone in depth in the next couple of weeks! For now meet, Ligia from Be Simple, the R&D Team at Carvico, and Enrique from Recover.